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MRSK Volga placed stock issue

MRSK Volga placed 65.48% within the preemptive right of acquisition out of the secondary issue launched in the volume of 899.686mln rub., the company informed.

5891257586.807941 stocks were allocated all in all.
8996857669 common stocks of 0.1 rub. par of the issue were placed through the open offering. The preemptive right of acquisition was stipulated.

MRSK Volga (TIN 6450925977) was registered in 2007 in Saratov. It involves 7 branches including Mordovenergo, Orenburgenergio, Penzaenergo and Chuvashenergo; Saratovskie, Samarskie, Ulyanovskie dispatching networks.

The share capital is equal to 17.858bn rub. split in 178577801146 common stocks of 0.1 rub. par each. Russian Grids keeps 67.626% in the Company.

The 2016 net profit (IAS) moved up 2.21 fold to 2.804bn rub. from 1.268bn rub. prior year; revenues being up 11.14% to 53.336bn rub. from 47.991bn rub.; operating profit - 77.46% to 5.177bn rub. from 2.917bn rub.; pretax profit - 2.45 fold to 4.177bn rub. from 1.702bn rub.

The IQ 2017 the net profit (RAS) increased 2.8 fold to 1.054bn rub. from 375.897mln rub.; revenues being up 9.57% to 14.911bn rub. from 13.609bn rub.

"AK&M", 12:45, 13.09.2017 1251 AKM,COR


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