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Vostochny Port increased 11-month cargo turnover by 5.8% to 22.3 mln tonnes

In January-November 2018, JSC Vostochny Port exported 22.3 million tonnes of premium quality coal, which is 5.8% above the result achieved for the 11-month period in 2017 (21.1 million tonnes), the company informed.

In January-November, 525 dry bulk carriers of different load capacity were processed at the stevedoring company's wharfs, including 174 panamax vessels (33%), 53 capesize vessels (10%). For reference, 42 (9%) capesize vessels were processed at the company's wharfs.

This year, coal was shipped to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore. South Korea is the biggest importer of coal handled by Vostochny Port (33%).

JSC Vostochny Port (tax number: 2508001544) is the largest stevedoring company in Russia's Far East specializing in hard coal handling operations.

The company's authorized capital is RUB 623.605 million. It consists of 2,125,462 common shares with a face value of RUB 250 and 368,958 preferred shares with a face value of RUB 250.

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