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Khabarovsk Airport calls special meeting Feb. 14

The special meeting at Khabarovsk Airport is set for Feb. 14, the company informed.

The holders should approve the transfer of the single executive body powers to the management company.

Khabarovsk Airport (TIN 2724083654) was founded in line with the regional government decision of Feb. 2005. In 2006 100% of the Airport were consolidated by Alliance-Prom. But in 2010 it sold the stocks to Quartz-Invest (75.0002%) and Panadero Investments Ltd. (24.9998%); K.Basyuk being a management partner. The Airport is one of the largest aviation nodes in the Far East.

In IH 2017 the passenger turnover increased 14.6% to 885.731ths from 772.86ths prior year period.

The 2016-net profit (RAS) increased 5.51% to 396.203mln rub. from 375.51mln rub.; revenues being up 5.37% to 2.114bn rub. from 2.006b rub.; profit from sales - 50.47% to 425.805mln rub. from 282.981mln rub.; pretax profit - 8.86% to 503.638mln rub. from 462.649mln rub.

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