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Telecontrol system of Russian Space Systems links satellites with Earth

Specialists of the Russian Space Systems holding together with their colleagues from VNIIEM Corporation JSC (both operating as part of Russia's Federal Space Agency / ROSCOSMOS) have received telemetric data and transferred the first instructions to the Canopus-B no. 3 and Canopus-B no. 4 satellites launched from the Vostochny Cosmodrome on February 1, Russian Space Systems informed.

The telecontrol system developed by Russian Space Systems successfully transferred information on the condition of the space vehicles to the Earth an hour and a half after the launch. The telemetric data showed that all the onboard systems were operating as normal, the solar arrays had unfolded, the cells are fully charged and the temperature mode and other parameters were normal.

JSC Russian Space Systems (operating as part of Russia's Federal Space Agency / ROSCOSMOS) specializes in the design, production and operation of space information systems. The company's business priorities are: maintenance, development and use of the GLONASS global navigation system; space-borne systems for search-and-rescue, hydrometeorological support, space research radio technical support applications, ground receipt and processing centers for remote Earth sensing data. The integrated structure of Russian Space Systems unites Russian space instrument makers: JSC Science Research Institute for Precision Instruments, Stock company "Scientific-production Association measuring equipment", JSC Research institute of physical measurements, Stock Company "Special research bureau of Moscow power engineering institute, and Enterprise "RD&P Center "Orion".

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