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Kuzbassenergo acquired 78% in Sibeko

Kuzbassenergo included into Siberian Generating Company (A.Melnichenko) closed a deal on the acquisition of 78% in Sibeko as one of the largest energy generating entities in Siberia, Kommersant informed.

This purchase will permit to increase the capacity of the electric objects 38% and heat - 53%.

2017 end FAS permitted Kuzbassenergo to acquire 100% in Siberian Energetic Company (Sibeko). The value of the deal is undisclosed.

Kuzbassenergo (TIN 4200000333) is ranked as the sixth among other energy companies in Russia by the capacity. On the Siberian heat market it covers above 30%.

The share capital is equal to 706.76mln rub. split in 70675984774 common stocks of 0.01 rub. par. The major holder is Siberian Energy Investments Ltd.

The IQ 2017-net profit (RAS) moved up 19.78% to 2.746bn rub. from 2.292bn rub. prior year; revenues - 13.43% to 9.584bn rub. from 8.449bn rub.

Sibeko provides heat supply to the Novosibirsk reg. and Altai. It keeps four TETs in Novosibirsk, Barabinskaya TETs and Biyskaya TETs (Biskenergo).

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