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Energocenter ready to pay up 2017-dividends

June 29 Moscow Joint Grid Company (MOESK) as the one holder of Energocenter approved the 2017-dividends in the total volume of 16.508mln rub. (412.7 rub./common stock), the company informed.

12.477mln rub. will be transferred to the reserve fund; 220.549mln rub. should be spent on the development of the Company.

HLB Vneshaudit was affirmed as an auditor for 2018.
The new BOD members were elected to involve representatives of MOESK.

Energocenter (TIN 5036072424) was formed in 2006 in line with the Moscow government resolution on the participation of Moscow Regional Investment Trust Company in the formation of Energocenter. It is aimed to develop and realize investment projects in the energetic sector of Moscow reg. The share capital is equal to 2bn rub.; 100% being held by MOESK.

The 9-month 2017 net profit (RAS) rocketed down 8.71 fold to 7.343mln rub. from 63.976mln rub.; revenues declined 6.02% to 368.042mln rub. from 391.614mln rub.; profit from sales moved up 10.76% to 71.493mln rub. from 64.548mln rub.; pretax profit dropped 8.68 fold to 9.681mln rub. from 84.069mln rub.

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