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Quadra stocks transferred to 3d level on MOEX

The common stocks of Quadra are transferred from the 2d level to the 3d level of the trading list on MOEX since July 13, as it was informed.

Quadra (former TGK-4 till May 2010) (TIN 6829012680) was registered in Apr. 2005. The Company is operating in 10 regions. The total capacity of the stations is equal to 2.872 GW and 13.576ths Gcal/h. The 9-month 2017 output reached 6.6bn kWh.

The share capital is worth 19.878bn rub. split in 1912505577759 common and 75272938838 preferred stocks of 0.01 rub. par.

The 2017 net losses (IAS) rallied down 10.43 fold to 210.284mln rub. from 2.193bn rub.; revenues added 6.36% to reach 50.185bn rub. from 47.184bn rub.; operating profit gained 2.669bn rub. vs. 380mln rub. in losses; pretax profit - 271.509mln rub. vs. 2.454bn rub. in losses.

The IQ 2018 net profit (RAS) increased 31.84% to 2.31bn rub. from 1.752bn rub.; revenues - 5.26% to 19.243bn rub. from 18.281bn rub.

"AK&M", 12:18, 12.07.2018 1251 AKM,COR


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