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KHL TV channel changed an owner

Continental Hockey League (KHL) transferred control over the KHL TV channel to Match TV (Gazprom-media), Kommersant informed.

KHL and National Sporting TV channel (operating company of Match TV) founded KHL Media (80% held by Match TV). The new company acquired 100% in KHL-Marketing held earlier by KHL on the whole. The main asset of the KHL-Marketing is KHL TV license.

KHL Marketing was founded 10 years ago as a large division of the League and was responsible for the sponsors and sale of broadcasting rights. In 2014 the management board of the Company was dismissed. D.Chernyshenko, Gazprom Media Holding head, was appointed as a president.

Then, the League was restructured through the removal of several functional divisions and marketing activity.

In 2016 the net profit reached 176mln rub.; revenues - 328mln rub.

KHL TV channel was set up in 2009. It provides direct translations of the matches and sporting events.

As it was noted by the KHL's representative this transaction should be considered as technical restructuring aimed to improve the licenses management.

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