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Rostelecom top managers changed shares

The Rostelecom management board members changed their shares in the Company during May-June, as it was informed.

M.Oseevsky, Rostelecom president and chairman, increased his share up to 0.073% (0.079% of total number of placed common stocks) from 0.015% (0.016%); A.Abramov, vice president and Center branch head, - to 0.064% (0.070%) from 0.027% (0.030%); S.Anokhin, senior vice president, - to 0.027% (0.029%) from 0.005% (0.006%); V.Kirienko, the first vice president, - to 0.033% (0.0.035%) from 0.007% (0.007%). Some other members of the management board also increased their shares.

Rostelecom (TIN 7707049388) is a national com operator. It has 150ths km of lines in Russia. The current structure is in force from Apr. 2011 after the takeover of interregional com companies including TsentrTelecom, Sibirtelecom, Dalsvyaz, Uralsvyazinform, VolgaTelecom, SZT, YUTK and Dagsvyazinform. The length of the main com lines cover 500ths km. The securities are under trading on RTS/MICEX and OTCQX in USA.

The share capital is equal to 6.961bn rub. split in 2784480101 stocks including 2574914954 common and 209565147 preferred stocks. The government is a major holder. The securities are traded on MICEX and US OTCQX.

The IQ 2017 net profit (RAS) was halved to 1.338bn rub. from 3.418bn rub. prior year; revenues declined 3.6% to 66.816bn rub. from 69.345bn rub.; gross profit - 1.4 fold to 5.27bn rub. from 7.281bn rub.; pretax profit - 2.4 fold to 1.822bn rub. from 4.45bn rub.

The 2017 net profit (IAS) increased 15% to 14.05bn rub. from 12.249bn rub. prior year; revenues - 3% to 305.329bn rub. from 297.446bn rub.; operating profit declined 5% to 37.885bn rub. from 39.836bn rub.; OIBDA lost 0.1% to come to 96.857bn rub. from 96.772bn rub.

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