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Vladimirenergosbyt BOD elected a chairman

Mar. 6 Vladimirenergosbyt decided to elect G.Solovyev as a chairman,

the company informed.
The list of BOD nominees for the election at the annual meeting was

affirmed to include representatives of T Plus, Vektor Prava, ETES,
Directorium etc.
The 2018-BOD activity and budget system were approved as well.

Vladimirenergosbyt (TIN 3302021309) is a sub of UES Russia. It was set up in 2005 within the withdrawal from Vladimirenergo as an assignee of the latter. The Company provides energy purchase and sale on the wholesale

The IH 2017 net losses (IAS) reached 78.082mln rub. vs. 671ths rub. in profit; revenues increased 7.68% to 144.807mln rub. from 134.485mln rub.; operating profit dropped 7.5% to 40.294mln rub. from 43.56mln rub.;

pretax profit - 8.75% to 43.688mln rub. from 47.875mln rub.
The 9-month 2017 net losses (RAS) rallied down 7.28 fold to 196ths rub. from 1.426bn rub.; revenues dropped 22.24% to 6.416bn rub. from 8.251bn rub.; profit from sales moved up 56.42% to 138.36mln rub. from 88.453mln rub.; pretax profit plunged 43.53% to 3.379mln rub. from 5.984mln rub.

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