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ChTPZ acquired 99.05% in Alnas

Mar. 5 Cheliabinsk Pipe Plant (ChTPZ) acquired 99.05% in Alnas for 825.598mln rub. from Rimera (Moscow), the company informed.

The share should be transferred by June 1, 2018. Earlier, the Plant held 0.95% in Alnas.

Alnas (TIN 1644091030, Tatarstan) is a pump producer.
ChTPZ (TIN 7449006730) is a producer of different pipes. It covers 17% on the Russian pipe market. ChTPZ Group involves Cheliabinsk Pipe Plant, Pervouralsk Pipe Plant, META Company, SOT, ETERNO, MSA (Czechia) and Rimera.

The share capital is equal to 472.383mln rub. split in 472382880 common stocks of 1 rub. par each.

The holders involve Mountrise Limited (Cyprus) keeping 51.9969%; Pervouralsk Pipe Plant - 33.98689%; Bounceward Ltd. (British Virgin Islands) - 6.0055%.

The 9-month 2017 net profit rallied down (IAS) 64% to 2.101bn rub. from 5.81bn rub.; revenues climbed up 6% to 72.566bn rub.; gross profit declined 21% to 17.297bn rub.; EBITDA gained 11.001mln rub.; EBITDA margin dropped 9.5 p.p. to 15.2%.

The 9-month 2017 net losses (RAS) reached 825.917mln rub. vs. 3.529bn rub. in profit prior year period; revenues moved up 7.4% to 78.686bn rub.

from 73.267bn rub.; profit from sales being halved to 4.75bn rub. from 9.784bn rub.; pretax losses gained 843.867mln rub. vs. 4.611bn rub. in profit prior year period.

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