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KAMAZ annual general meeting scheduled for June 29

The annual general meeting of KAMAZ Publicly Traded Company's shareholders will take place on June 29, the company informed.

The company's Board of Directors has nominated 11 candidates for election to the new Board at the annual general meeting: Mikhail Broitman (General Director, LLC VADANYAN, BROITMAN AND PARTNERS), Ruben Vardanyan (President, LLC VADANYAN, BROITMAN AND PARTNERS); Alexander Vasiliev (Chairman, Primary Trade Union Organization of Employees of PJSC KAMAZ); Igor Zavyalov (Deputy CEO, Rostec Corporation), Sergey Kogogin (Director General, PJSC KAMAZ); Alexey Pesoshin (Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan), Anatoly Serdyukov (Industrial Director, Rostec Group), Sergey Skvortsov (Chairman of the Board of Directors, JSC RT-Invest); Sergey Chemezov (CEO, Rostec Corporation); Wolfram Schmid (Vice President, Daimler AG); Gerald Jank (Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Daimler Trucks Russia, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks at Daimler AG)

Alexey Pesoshin, Prime Minister of Tatarstan, is nominated for election to the Board of Directors of KAMAZ for the first time, the statement points out. The other candidates are current Board members.

KAMAZ Group (tax number: 1650032058) includes 13 principal subsidiaries engaged with the development, production and assembly of automotive vehicles and vehicle sets and sales of finished products. In total, KAMAZ Group consists of 110 enterprises including joint ventures in the CIS countries and foreign assembly facilities. In 2017, the company's divisions produced 39,525 vehicle sets, which is 12% above the result achieved in 2016.

KAMAZ's major shareholders are Rostec (49.9%), Avtoinvest Limited (24.53%), Daimler (11%), KAMAZ International Management (4.25%), EBRD (4%), Decodelement Services Limited (2.73%).

IFRS revenue of KAMAZ Group for 10 months of 2017 grew by 26% year-on-year to RUB 117.9 billion against the same period in 2016. Net profit exceeded RUB 3.5 billion against a loss of RUB 860 million the year before. Total investment in production exceeded RUB 11.2 billion (+59%).

According to AK&M Information Agency's DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of KAMAZ Publicly Traded Company for 9 months 2017 increased 10.66 times to RUB 2.979 billion from RUB 279.397 million for the same period in 2016. Revenue increased by 33.13% to RUB 94.524 billion from RUB 71.003 billion, sales profit was RUB 5.639 billion against a loss of RUB 1.722 billion the year before, pre-tax profit increased 17.81 times to RUB 3.895 billion from RUB 218.719 million.

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