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Vozrozhdenie Bank released credit lines to two companies

Vozrozhdenie Bank released credit lines to TNS energo Yaroslavl and TNS energo Mariy El involved into the TNS energo Holding as the largest independent energetic holding in Russia, the Bank informed.

500mln rub. launched for TNS energo Yaroslavl and 200mln rub. for TNS energo Mariy El are raised to finance the current capital and purchase-sale transactions of the companies on OTCM.

In general, the Bank fixed 3bn rub. in the credit limit for TNS energo. Within this contract the credit lines were provided for TNS energo Tula (200mln rub.), TNS energo V.Novgorod (350mln rub.), TNS energo Penza (300mln rub.), TNS energo N.Novgorod (800mln rub.) and TNS energo Rostov-na-Donu (600mln rub.). The credit lines expire Dec. 31, 2019.

TNC energo (TIN 7705541227) is a member of the wholesale market and provides control over 9 energy sale companies in 8 regions:

Voronezhenergosbyt, Donenergosbyt, Karelenergosbyt, Kubanenergosbyt, Marienergosbyt, Nizhegorodenergosbyt, Tulaenergosbyt, Rostovenergo Energosbyt, Yaroslavenergosbyt.

The IH 2017-net losses (IAS) gained 469.768mln rub. vs. 1.074bn rub.

in profit prior year; revenues climbed up 7.29% to 101.315bn rub. from 94.431bn rub.; operating profit dropped 4.33 fold to 620.241mln rub. from 2.683bn rub.; pretax losses reached 447.715mln rub. vs. 1.619bn rub. in profit.

The 9-month 2017 net profit (RAS) rallied down 43.2% to come to 1.446bn rub. from 2.546bn rub. prior year; revenues climbed up 7.88% to 5.493bn rub. from 5.092bn rub.; profit from sales declined 19.49% to 1.505bn rub. from 1.87bn rub.; pretax profit - 44.52% to 1.62bn rub. from 2.921bn rub.

"AK&M", 13:30, 14.03.2018 1251 AKM,BNK


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