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Cherkizovo BOD affirmed dividend policies

May 16 Cherkizovo Group BOD affirmed the dividend policies in the new edition, the company informed.

Now no less than 50% of the net profit under IAS should be spent on the dividends payment.

Besides, BOD affirmed the 11-member management board.
Mar. 23 at the Group annual meeting the holders decided to transfer above 3.3bn rub. on the 2017-dividends (75.07 rub./pcs).

Sep. 26 at the Cherkizovo Group special meeting the decision to distribute the retained net profit for 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the volume of 2416937223 rub. and IH 2017 profit and to spend 2.63bn rub. on the dividends payment (59.82 rub./pcs), the company informed.

Cherkizovo Group (TIN 7718560636) is an agro full-cycle company. It involves poultry and pig-breeding complexes. The beneficiaries are I.Babaev and his family. GDRs are traded on LSE; common stocks - on Moscow Stock Exchange.

The 2017 net profit (IAS) rallied up 3 fold to 5.8bn rub. from 1.919bn rub.; revenues - 10% to 90.465bn rub. from 82.417bn rub.; corrected EBITDA - 49% to 15.338bn rub. from 10.282bn rub.; gross profit - 32% to 23.559bn rub. from 17.855bn rub.; operating profit - 92% to 9.726bn rub. from 5.056bn rub.

The IQ 2017 net losses (RAS) dropped 8.6 fold to 16.648mln rub. from 143.047mln rub.; revenues rose 1.8 fold to 671.417mln rub. from 362.388mln rub.; gross profit - 1.9 fold to 321.99mln rub. from 168.861mln rub.

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