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NOVATEK acquired Yuzhno-Leskinsky sector

NOVATEK-Yurkharovneftegaz (NOVATEK's sub) won the auction on the prospecting and development of Yuzhno-Leskinsky sector, the company informed.

It is located in Krasnoayrsk reg. The reserves are appraised to cover 3.5bn barrel; license period - 27 years. The one-off payment is fixed at 2041mln rub.

Yuzhno-Lesninsky sector is located near the NOVATEK-held assets in Gydan. The acquisition of the new licensed sector is stipulated in the strategy of the Company aimed to increase the resources base.

NOVATEK (TIN 6316031581) is ranked as the second producer of natural gas in Russia after Gazprom. The fields are located in Yamalo-Nenetsk reg. The stocks are under trading on LSE. In IH 2018 the gas sales moved up 2.4% to 264.3mln barrel o.e.

The 9-month 2018 net profit (IAS) moved up 8.1% to 121.062bn rub. from 111.998bn rub.; revenues from sales increased 43% to 594.591bn rub. from 414.161bn rub.; EBITDA with respect to JVs - 61% to 295.736bn rub. from 183.522bn rub.; EBITDA of subs - 37% to 196.123bn rub. from 142.707bn rub.

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