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ALROSA reached $3.905bn in sales

The diamond products sale by ALROSA during the 10-month period moved up 6% to gain $3.905bn, the company informed.

The total value of the sold rough diamonds reached $3.822bn; cut diamonds - $83mln.

In Oct. ALROSA sold the diamond products in the volume of $242.8mln (-28%). The rough diamonds sale reached $233.9mln; cut diamonds - $8.9mln.

ALROSA (TIN 1433000147) is one of the largest diamond extraction companies in the world. It covers 97% of the diamond market in Russia and 25% on the world market. The Company includes ECO ALROSA, ALROSA Diamonds, Aikhalsky, Mirninsky, Udachninsky and Nyurbinsky GOKs. The major holders involve Russian Property Agency and Sakha Republic government (Yakutia).

The IH 2018 net profit increased 19% to 52.2bn rub.; revenues - 9% to 126bn rub.; expenses declined 19% to 3.92bn rub. from 4.69bn rub.

The 9-month 2018 net profit (RAS) rallied up 42% to 72.8bn rub.; revenues - 11% to 183.3bn rub. due to the rise in average prices on diamonds and drop in the ruble/USD rate.

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