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MMK intends to pay up IVQ dividends

Magnitogorsk Metallurgic Plant (MMK) BOD recommended the holders to approve the IVQ dividends at 1.398 rub./pcs at the annual meeting, the company informed.

MMK (TIN 7414003633) is one of the largest steel producers in the world and a leader among the ferrous metallurgic plants in Russia. The assets involve a large full-circle metallurgic complex. MMK is a producer of the wide assortment of metal products, primarily, of high added value. The steel output gained 12.86mln ton in 2017 (2.5% in rise); in IQ 2018 it moved up 2.7% to 3.147mln rub.

The share capital is worth 11.174bn rub. split in 11174330000 common stocks of 1 rub. par. The major holder (on Mar. 31, 2018) is Minta Holding Ltd (84.26%). V.Rashnikov, MMK chairman, is a beneficiary of Minta Holding Ltd.

The 2018 net profit (IAS) moved up 10.8% to $1.317bn from $1.189bn; revenues - 8.9% to $8.214bn from $7.546bn; EBITDA - 19% to $2.418bn from $2.031bn.

The IH 2018 net profit (RAS) increased 33.72% to 43.174bn rub. from 32.287bn rub. prior year period; revenues - 19.66% to 221.745bn rub. from 185.308bn rub.; profit from sales - 57.03% to 57.162bn rub. from 36.406bn rub.; pretax profit - 35.72% to 54.309bn rub. from 40.016bn rub.

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