External background promotes purchases in Russian stocks

Bogdan Zvarich, <url> 15 March 2023 11:31

The mood on the world markets on Wednesday morning can be described as positive. In Asia, leading sites are adding up to 1.2%. The exception is the Japanese market, which is declining by 0.3%. Futures on the main US indices are consolidating below yesterday's closing levels after strong growth on Tuesday. The nearest futures for Brent crude oil is growing by 1%, trading around $78.2 per barrel. Of the macroeconomic events that can influence investor sentiment today, we will highlight the publication of statistics on retail sales and the producer price index in the United States.

By the end of Tuesday, the Moscow Stock Exchange index rose by 0.9%, reaching 2,290 points. Today, against the background of an improvement in the situation on external platforms, the rise of the Russian market may continue. At the same time, the dynamics of the energy market, where Brent crude oil has consolidated below $ 80 per barrel, may become a factor constraining the growth of our shares. It should be noted that at the moment the main scenario is a further rise in the Moscow exchange index with goals in the area 2 400 – 2 500 points. A signal to reduce the probability of its implementation may be a market retreat below the support located at the level of 2,250 points.

On the currency section of the Moscow Stock Exchange this morning, the main world currencies are growing moderately against the ruble. So, by 9.00 Moscow time, the dollar and yuan are adding within 0.1%, trading around 75.4 and 10.94 rubles, respectively, the euro is pulling up by 0.3%, rising to 80.9 rubles. It should be noted that yesterday the ruble failed to take advantage of positive factors that were offset by a significant deterioration in the situation on the energy market. Today, during trading, pressure on the ruble may persist, despite attempts to recover in oil prices, which will allow the dollar / ruble pair to maintain positions above 75 rubles. However, investors will begin to take into account the approach of the start of the preparation of exporters for the peak of tax payments – the increase in the supply of foreign currency on their part may begin as early as next Monday. This factor may restrain the weakening of the national currency in the coming sessions.

Bogdan Zvarich, Chief Analyst of the <url> financial platform 

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