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08 December 2023 20:00

Inflation in the Russian Federation in November was 1.11%

Since the beginning of the year, consumer prices have increased by 6.64%.
08 December 2023 19:41

The minimum wage in Moscow in 2024 will be increased by 18.5%

The minimum wage in the capital will reach 29.389 thousand rubles.
08 December 2023 19:32

VK has opened an office in Belarus

08 December 2023 19:27

The list of Russian suppliers of milk and dairy products to Egypt has been expanded

6 more Russian organizations producing milk and dairy products have received the right of access to the Egyptian market

08 December 2023 19:19

The average daily trading volume of OFZ on the secondary market in November increased by 4.4%

The largest net buyers of OFZ were non-financial companies and NWCO.
08 December 2023 19:15

RT-Techpriemka conducted an audit of the Scientific and Production Enterprise Polet

The inspection confirmed that the medical products developed by the company comply with the requirements of the interstate standard