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06 July 2022 20:00

Inflation in Russia since the beginning of the year was 11.8%

During the week from June 25 to July 1, consumer prices increased by 0.2%.
06 July 2022 20:00

Gasoline prices in Russia for the week from June 27 to July 3 have not changed

The increase in prices for automobile gasoline was noted in the republics of Adygea and Tyva, the Moscow region – by 0.1%.
06 July 2022 19:30

LADA launched sales of the LADA Granta Drive Active sedan for the 2022 model year

Prices for Granta Drive Active start at 784.9 thousand rubles.
Government of the Moscow Region
06 July 2022 19:25

The Moscow Region company will receive half a billion rubles for development from the FRP of the Russian Federation

The Expert Council of the Industrial Development Fund of the Russian Federation approved the issuance of a loan to the Cotton Club company near Moscow

06 July 2022 19:16

Damate expects to receive additional profit in the amount of up to 61 million rubles per year due to more accurate planning of orders

The company has completed the development and implementation of a project on mathematical modeling of sales.
06 July 2022 19:15

Announced the launch of a joint project of the Ministry of Economic Development and Rosatom to accelerate the connection of business to infrastructure

Rosatom's expertise is designed to reduce the time of processes and minimize losses, which will speed up the connection of business to technological resources, and issue the necessary documents faster

06 July 2022 19:12

The EAEU countries are developing mechanisms to stimulate industrial cooperation

The EEC proposed possible mechanisms to reduce the cost of financing for cooperative projects by involving the EDB more actively in this process