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12 August 2020 19:35

Magnit commercial director to continue career outside company

On August 11, the Board of Directors decided to exclude Vladimir Sorokin from the company's Management Board with effect from August 29.
12 August 2020 19:33

7-month traffic in Russian air down 30.8%

In January-July 2020, the traffic in the Russian airspace decreased by 30.8% to 709.5 thousand flights
12 August 2020 19:30

Russian Minister of Industry evaluates new technologies at Magnit superstore in Adler

The Minister learnt via an interactive interface how Magnit monitors and maintains the required product temperature all the way from the manufacturer to the store.
12 August 2020 19:23

Shvabe to present equipment for combating coronavirus

Rostec State Corporation's Shvabe Holding will exhibit the solutions intended for curbing the coronavirus infection that have gone into production and used in the pandemic period.
12 August 2020 19:20

Hoppy Union poised to acquire 50% of RC Brew

All stakeholders have the right to submit information about how the deal applied for or another action will influence the competition to the antimonopoly body.
12 August 2020 19:18

Rusolovo wins auction for Pyrkakay Stockworks

The ore base expansion will enable the company to substantially ramp up production of tin and related metals going forward.
12 August 2020 17:09

ROSSETI renames five energy companies

The corporate renaming procedure has been completed for Rosseti Moscow region, Rosseti Lenenergo, Rosseti Siberia, Rosseti Volga and Rosseti Kuban.

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