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Perm Polytechnic University
21 September 2023 15:21

Perm Polytechnic University has found out how to protect building materials from microorganisms that cause corrosion

The results of the study are relevant and applicable in practice, they will be useful in the construction of new buildings and structures.
21 September 2023 15:10

Cherkizovo will pay dividends for the first half of the year for 5 billion rubles

118.43 rubles were accrued per share.
21 September 2023 15:09

The Cabinet of Ministers has restricted the export of motor gasoline and diesel fuel

The decision was made to stabilize the domestic market.
21 September 2023 15:08

Russia and Brazil plan to expand trade in agricultural products

S. Dankvert announced the opening of the Russian market for the export of live cattle for Brazil from September 21, 2023.
21 September 2023 14:55

Rare lizards released into nature under the supervision of Rosprirodnadzor employees

This will allow to expand their habitat and study additional factors for the survival of takyr roundheads.
21 September 2023 14:55

"Tape" can eliminate RELISH