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30 November 2021 11:21

Vladimir Putin has made changes to the Tax Code establishing tax liability for financial market organizations

In accordance with the law, financial market organizations may be held liable for submitting incomplete or unreliable information to the tax authorities.
30 November 2021 11:13

Sistema Finance acquired 7.47 million shares of Sistema AFC

Since the launch of the program, Sistema Finance has acquired 264.4 million ordinary shares of the corporation.
Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill
30 November 2021 11:03

In 2022, the supplier of raw materials to the ACBC will invest 4.9 billion rubles in technical re-equipment

The holding will allocate more than 3.3 billion rubles for the technical re-equipment of enterprises. With these funds, it plans to purchase 25 new logging complexes (harvester &forwarder), 40 logging trucks and semi-trailers to them, 14 dump trucks, etc. In total - more than 40 positions of technical novelties
30 November 2021 11:01

Vladimir Putin signed the law on excise duty on liquid steel

The President of the Russian Federation signed the law "On Amendments to Part Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation".
30 November 2021 10:38

The regions have brought to the recipients 74% of federal subsidies to support agriculture

133.7 billion rubles were transferred to the subjects of the Russian Federation.
30 November 2021 10:30

Gazprom Gas Distribution Far East has launched three gas pipelines

Gas pipelines with a total length of over 23 km were built as part of the implementation of the gas supply and gasification program of the Khabarovsk Territory.
30 November 2021 10:07

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has set the official euro exchange rate for today at 84.4820 rubles

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation established the official euro exchange rate on November 30 in the amount of 84.4820 rubles against 84.9526 rubles on November 27.