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01 July 2022 20:00

The volume of GDP of the Russian Federation for the first quarter increased by 3.5% year-on-year

Compared to the fourth quarter, GDP decreased by 19.2%
01 July 2022 20:00

Russian nuclear power plants increased electricity generation by 1.55 in the first half of the year%

The operation of all Russian nuclear power plants made it possible to prevent greenhouse gas emissions into the atmospheric air in the amount of almost 55 million tons of CO2 equivalent.
01 July 2022 19:44

VSK predicted the CTP tariff for electric scooters

The cost of an annual policy can vary in the range from 7 to 15 thousand rubles.
01 July 2022 19:24

Russia's largest solar power plant has started operating in Kalmykia

The system Operator of the Unified Energy System " (SO UES) reported that it had ensured the commissioning of the second stage of the Arshan solar power plant in Kalmykia

01 July 2022 19:11

Amendments have been made to the Specifics of the implementation of accreditation in the National accreditation system established by Resolution No. 353

In accordance with the Amendments, from July 1, 2022, testing laboratories (centers) accredited in the national accreditation system are given the opportunity to undergo an accelerated procedure for expanding the scope of accreditation

01 July 2022 19:03

In the Russian Federation, a law comes into force limiting mortgage overpayment

The total cost of a loan under mortgage agreements cannot exceed the average market value by more than a third.