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26 January 2022 16:21

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation set the discount price for precious metals on January 27

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has set the discount price for gold - 4683.30 rubles/ y
26 January 2022 16:14

Smolensk customs officer refused a bribe of $ 15 thousand

The representative of the cargo owner company offered the inspector of the department for control over the import and turnover of goods of the Smolensk Customs a bribe for concealing the detected violations.
26 January 2022 16:04

Softline acquires MMTR Technology

Softline, the global IT and digital transformation provider, Jan. 25 signed an agreement to acquire MMTR Technology
Russian Railways
26 January 2022 16:00

Russian Railways and NUST MISIS will develop a new technology in quantum communication networks to protect against information leaks

JSC "Russian Railways" and the Competence Center of NTI "Quantum Communications" of NUST MISIS have signed an agreement to create an innovative device for quantum-protected communication networks
26 January 2022 15:59

UMMC has received permission to purchase the "Highest"

The FAS has established that the deal will not lead to a restriction of competition.
26 January 2022 15:47

AirAsia X partners with GEODIS

AirAsia X (AAX) Jan. 26 announced a major new air logistics partnership with global leading transport and logistics provider GEODIS
26 January 2022 15:45

In the area of pollution detection in the Black Sea, NCSP does not carry out oil and petroleum products transshipment activities

In the area of the Wide Pier No. 2, berths No. 7, No. 8, in the parking area of the vessel for loading "Uai Em Fuji" in the waters of the Black Sea of the NCSP on January 13, 2022, a spot of petroleum products of unknown origin was discovered.