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03 December 2021 19:31

FAS initiated a case against MMK due to the refusal to provide the requested information

The agency requested information from the company as part of the consideration of the case of violation of antimonopoly legislation on the rolled metal market to confirm MMK's arguments about the substitutability of hot-rolled products with cold-rolled products.
03 December 2021 18:49

Rostechnadzor revealed violations at VSNK capital construction facilities

The company was fined 480 thousand rubles.
03 December 2021 18:43

The Group of Companies "Blagod" can get the production facilities of the company "South of Siberia" for use

According to the agency, the deal will not lead to a restriction of competition in the sunflower oil market.
03 December 2021 18:34

A.Miller and M. Dodik discussed Russian gas supplies discussed Russian gas supplies

Gazprom has started supplying gas to Bosnia and Herzegovina via a new route since January 1, 2021.
03 December 2021 18:09

Bank HOUSE.The Russian Federation has increased the profitability of the savings account

The main advantage of a savings account from DOM Bank.RF — the ability to perform replenishment and expenditure operations without restrictions, receiving income on the average monthly account balance.
03 December 2021 17:57

Expert RA has confirmed the credit rating of a number of debt instruments of AFK Sistema

The Agency establishes parity between the current rating of the issuer of AFK Sistema and bonds of series 001P-16, 001P-17, 001P-23.