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14 August 2020 21:53

MTS pays RUB 41.1 billion in dividends

MTS PJSC has completed the payment of 2019 dividends paying RUB 41.1 billion in total
14 August 2020 21:52

Rosneft 6-month IFRS net loss was RUB 113 billion

Sales revenue and income from associates and joint ventures decreased by 33.4% to RUB 2.804 trillion from RUB 4.212 trillion
14 August 2020 21:51

Rosneft reduced 6-month hydrocarbon production by 7.3%

In 1H 2020, liquids production by Rosneft decreased by 7.3% year-on-year to 4.34 mmbpd (106.5 mmt)
14 August 2020 21:50

ACRA affirms credit rating of Russian Aquaculture

The rating is based on the medium assessment of the operating risk profile, low leverage, very high profitability, and high liquidity.
14 August 2020 21:48

ALROSA's 6-month IFRS net profit down 91%

Diamond sales dropped by 47% to RUB 10.1 billion from RUB 18.9 billion.
14 August 2020 21:47

ACRA affirmed credit rating of Concern Kalashnikov on Aug 13

The Company's SCA is based on its strong market position as Kalashnikov is the leader in its segment.
14 August 2020 19:45

Sberbank has provided cloud-based technologies to authorities of Orenburg region

A working meeting between representatives of Sberbank and the government of Orenburg region took place in Orenburg.

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