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19 April 2024 19:31

The chemical laboratory of Berezovskaya GRES has confirmed its competence

In April 2024, the chemical laboratory of the Berezovskaya GRES branch successfully passed the procedure for confirming the competence of an accredited person

19 April 2024 19:21

The growth rate of mortgages in the Russian Federation in March amounted to 1.2%

Disbursements in March increased by 34% to 447 billion rubles, almost entirely due to state-backed mortgages.
19 April 2024 19:17

According to the established tradition, Rosgosstrakh became the official partner of the Tomsk marathons

Within the framework of this grandiose sports festival, eight significant events are planned throughout the year, in addition to the Tomsk Ski Marathon that already took place in March

19 April 2024 19:07

The net profit of the banking sector in March amounted to 270 billion rubles

The number of profitable banks increased to 255 from 248 in February, and their share of the total number of banks increased to 80% from 77%.