AK&M Rating Agency completes data collection to prepare a group of ESG Ratings of Russian companies

AK&M 27 July 2022 13:27

On August 10, 2022, the AK&M rating Agency completes data collection for the preparation of a group of ESG Ratings of leading Russian companies. Companies that form ESG reports or sustainability reports have the opportunity to enter the number of participants in these ratings. Data requirements and terms of participation can be requested electronically at rating@akm.ru .

The ESG rating group has been calculated by the AK&M Rating Agency since 2018. The 2022 ratings include four ratings and allow us to assess the impact of companies on the environment, their contribution to the support of the population and the development of society, as well as the transparency of activities.

The social efficiency rating identifies companies that bring maximum benefit to society with minimal impact on the environment, and shows a balance between the burden of enterprises on the environment and their positive impact on society.

The rating of responsibility to society shows enterprises that direct a significant share of their income to the needs of society, residents and the state. The assessment of responsibility to society is based on ranking the best companies by the share of social costs (paid wages, taxes and charity) in the revenue of companies.

The ESG reporting rating demonstrates the best practices in disclosing information about environmental protection, solving social issues, and supporting the home territory. The main emphasis in building the rating is on the completeness of the data presented.

The carbon footprint rating is based on the ranking of the indicator of specific greenhouse gas emissions by companies and for each company shows how many greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere during production at a cost of 1 million rubles.

The methodology for calculating Ratings and the results of previous years can be found on the website of the AK&M Rating Agency.