AK&M Rating Agency has made changes to the methodology of the Rating of sustainable development of companies

AK&M 23 June 2022 12:14

The changes in the methodology are based on the agency's experience in assigning individual and list ESG ratings, as well as on the proposals of companies that measure their activities with the norms of sustainable development. The methodology preserves the principles of evaluation fixed in the previous edition. The main changes affected the set of evaluation criteria. They have become more strictly regulated, and their number has significantly expanded. In the updated methodology, the criteria related to the activities of companies in the field of environmental protection now have an industry grouping. Each industry has its own characteristics taken into account.

AK&M Rating Agency has been assigning individual ESG ratings since 2019. The algorithm for determining the Sustainable Development Rating is based on the analysis of formalized and non-formalized indicators (criteria for sustainable development) that influence the company's commitment and compliance with the principles of sustainable development of society, providing for responsibility in ensuring that the needs of both present and future generations can be met.

The methodology for determining the individual rating of sustainable development of Russian companies can be found on the websiteAK&M Rating Agency.