AK&M Rating Agency updates social efficiency rating methodology

AK&M 22 April 2021 12:39

On April 19, the Methodology Committee of AK&M Rating Agency amended the social efficiency rating methodology. The updated methodology uses a different approach to estimating the environmental impact of companies.

In particular, the degree of water pollution is now estimated based on the concentration of contaminants in wastewater, instead of their total volume, as was in the previous version. Another change is related to calculating the volume of solid waste. AK&M Rating Agency will not include class 5 hazard production waste (non-hazardous) in the calculation. Waste of this group influences the environment insignificantly, almost without affecting its components.

The 2021 social efficiency rating (based on the 2020 results) will be calculated using the updated methodology.

The updated methodology and the previous years' ranking results are available on AK&M Rating Agency's website at https://akmrating.ru/reytingsoceffektivnosty/