Alfa-Bank and Alfa-Capital have developed the first CFA based on the products of the management company

AK&M 28 February 2024 13:11

Alfa-Bank and Alfa-Capital Management Company have created a digital financial asset (CFA) based on exchange—traded mutual funds - the Evergreen Portfolio. The issue will be carried out on Alfa-Bank's A-Token platform. This is stated in the bank's message.

The Evergreen Portfolio CFA provides exposure to four asset classes in the perimeter of the Russian Federation: stocks, bonds, gold and money market instruments.

Alfa-Bank has issued 86 digital financial assets (CFA) totaling 37.4 billion rubles, which is approximately 45% of the total volume in Russia, which exceeds 82 billion rubles.

Alfa-Bank JSC (TIN 7728168971) was founded in 1990, is a universal bank that carries out most of the main types of banking operations represented on the financial services market.