Altus Capital acquired 25% in Detsky Mir

AK&M 30 December 2020 08:51

Altus Capital closed transaction on the acquisition of 25% in Detsky Mir, as it was informed by Detsky Mir.

The Company received the notification on the acquisition of 25% in the company from Gulf Investments Limited (Altus Capital) December 28.

Detsky Mir is a multifunctional operator of retail sale and a leader in the child’s goods sector in Russia. The Group involves the federal retail network, PVZ Detmir and Zoozavr shops for animals.

The 9-month adjusted profit under IFRS dropped 23.2% to 3.8bn rub.; consolidated non-audited revenues increased 9.5% to 98.4 bn rub from 89.8bn rub.; online-revenues was doubled to 22.1bn rub. The revenues of Detsky Mir in Kazakhstan declined 7.2% to 2.4bn rub.; adjusted EBITDA rose 15.8% to 11bn rub. from 9.5bn rub. During the accounting period 30 new shops were opened, one shop of PVZ Detmir and three Zoozavr.