Banking sector's assets up 1.7% in September

AK&M 21 October 2020 23:29

In September 2020, the banking sector's assets increased by 1.7% to RUB 101.4 trillion, mainly due to investments in debt securities (up RUB 0.8 trillion or +6.2%) and the loan portfolio expansion (up RUB 0.7 trillion, +1.1%), according to information from the Bank of Russia.

The sector's liabilities also edged up by RUB 1.5 trillion (+1.8%), mainly resulting from financing from the Government (up RUB 0.5 trillion, +12.2%) and from corporate clients (up RUB 0.4 trillion, +1.2%).

In September 2020, the Ministry of Finance placed OFZs worth RUB 833 billion, with bonds worth about RUB 730 billion purchased by Russian banks.