Cargo turnover of seaports of the Russian Federation increased by 1.7 last year%

AK&M 14 January 2022 17:24

Cargo turnover of Russian seaports in 2021 amounted to 835.2 million tons, an increase of 1.7% compared to a year earlier. Transshipment of dry cargo increased by 2% to 412.8 million tons, bulk cargo - by 1.5% to 422.4 million tons. This is stated in the message of Rosmorrechflot.

Cargo turnover of seaports in the Arctic basin decreased by 1.9% to 94.3 million tons. The highest growth rate of cargo turnover in the Russian sea basins was demonstrated by the seaports of the Baltic Basin (+4.7% to 252.8 million tons). Cargo turnover of seaports of the Azov-Black Sea basin increased by 1.9% to 256.8 million tons.

The most serious drop was shown by the cargo turnover of the seaports of the Caspian basin (-14%), amounting to 7 million tons. The cargo turnover of the seaports of the Far Eastern basin increased 0.6% to 224.3 million tons.

Rosmorrechflot notes that in comparison with 2019, the last year of continuous growth in this sector for more than 20 years, the cargo turnover of the Russian seaports has not yet overcome the negative effect of the "pandemic" year 2020, remembered for an unprecedented recession in the global economy and, accordingly, in the global transport logistics.