Consumer gasoline prices in April increased by 0.1%

AK&M 31 May 2023 20:00

Consumer gasoline prices in April 2023 increased by 0.1% compared to March 2023, producer prices – by 9.7%. This was reported by Rosstat.

An increase in consumer prices for automobile gasoline by 0.2% or more was noted in 21 subjects of the Russian Federation. Gasoline has risen most noticeably in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug – by 4.3% and the Komi Republic – by 2.3%. A decrease in prices for automobile gasoline was observed in 10 subjects of the Russian Federation. Most of all, it fell in price in the Kurgan and Tver regions – by 0.4%. In Moscow, over the past period, prices for automobile gasoline have not changed, in St. Petersburg - decreased by 0.3%.

Producer prices for automobile gasoline on average have become 9.7% higher. It has risen in price in almost all subjects of the Russian Federation engaged in the production of gasoline. Most of all, prices for it increased in the Republic of Bashkortostan – by 47.4%, the Republic of Tatarstan – by 22.8%, the Leningrad Region – by 21.9%, the Kemerovo region – by 21.3%, the Sakhalin region – by 19.4%. A decrease in gasoline prices was noted in the Omsk region – by 2.8%, in the Astrakhan region – by 2.3%. In the Irkutsk region, prices for automobile gasoline remained at the level of March 2023.

Consumer prices for automobile gasoline on average in the Russian Federation exceeded producer prices by 2.7 times. Producer prices for oil increased by 1.7%, tariffs for its pumping by pipeline transport became 2.1% higher.