Crumb rubber from tyres produced at EVRAZ companies to be used for children's playgrounds

AK&M 23 April 2021 23:47

EVRAZ's companies in the Urals and Siberia annually send about 700 tonnes of tyres taken from BelAZ trucks, graders, buses and passenger cars for recycling. According to own data, EVRAZ spends about RUB 5,000 per tonne of tyres on average on recycling. These environmental measures cost the company about RUB 2 million per year.

Among others, EVRAZ NTMK, EVRAZ KGOK, EVRAZ ZSMK and Raspadskaya Coal Company send large-sized tyres with a diameter of more than 3,570 mm and a weight of more than 4 tonnes for recycling. The resulting crumb rubber is used for rubber coatings of playgrounds and athletic tracks on stadiums, as a component of asphalt mixes or mastics, the company informed.

EVRAZ is a vertically-integrated mining and metallurgical company with assets in Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic and Italy. The company is among the world's biggest steelmakers in terms of steel output. Its own base of iron ore and coking coal almost completely covers in-house demand. In 2019, EVRAZ produced 13.8 million tonnes of steel. Evraz's consolidated revenue for 2019 reached $11.9 billion, consolidated EBITDA amounted to $2.6 billion.