EVRAZ NTMK cleans industrial reservoirs with the help of tropical plants

AK&M 23 June 2022 18:57

EVRAZ NTMK cleans industrial reservoirs with the help of tropical plants. The company's ecologists planted more than 1 thousand higher aquatic plants in the clarifier pond, where industrial water is maintained, whose powerful roots absorb harmful impurities, oxidize and split them into simple elements and assimilate them as food. This was announced by the company.

Brazilian eichornia, or water hyacinth, and African pistia are natural water filters. They are completely safe for humans, flora and fauna, which is confirmed by a number of scientific studies. The most favorable for such plants is the tropical climate. In the reservoirs of the Urals, they begin to "work" at a water temperature above +12 ° C.

Biological filters further improve the quality of water in reservoirs. As the main cleaning system, barrier booms, oil traps and cascades of cassette filters filled with sorbent are installed on the clarifier ponds. These structures exclude the ingress of pollutants into water bodies. 

EVRAZ NTMK annually implements measures for the rehabilitation of reservoirs. The plant's ecologists populate urban reservoirs with chlorella, a microalgae that purifies water.  In addition, on the recommendation of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries, fish reclamation agents are released into the Nizhny Tagil Pond and the Lenevsky reservoir: carp, carp and white Amur.

EVRAZ is a vertically integrated metallurgical and mining company with assets in Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Canada and the Czech Republic. The company is among the largest steel producers in the world in terms of steel production. Its own base of iron ore and coking coal almost completely meets the internal needs of the company.

EVRAZ's net profit for the first half of 2021 increased by 2 times to $1.2 billion from $513 million a year earlier. Revenue increased by 24% to $6.2 billion from $4.98 billion, EBITDA increased by 94% to $2.08 billion from $1.07 billion.

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