Gasoline prices fall for the second week in a row

AK&M 15 September 2021 20:00

Gasoline prices for the week, from September 6 to 12, fell by 0.1% to 48.88 rubles per liter. AI-92 fell by 0.1% to 45.94 rubles, AI-95-by 0.1% to 49.76 rubles. AI-98 and diesel did not change in price – 57.56 rubles and 50.63 rubles, respectively. This was reported by Rosstat.

During the period from September 7 to 13, a decrease in prices for automobile gasoline was noted in 35 centers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Most of all, it fell in price in Yoshkar-Ola – by 0.5%. The increase in prices for automobile gasoline was recorded in seven regions of the Russian Federation. Most of all, it rose in price in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – by 0.9%.

In Moscow, over the past period, prices for automobile gasoline decreased by 0.1%, in St. Petersburg – by 0.2%. At the observed gas stations in Moscow, AI-92 gasoline could be purchased at a price from 44.8 rubles to 46.78 rubles, AI-95 brands - from 49.59 to 54.09 rubles, AI-98 brands - from 55.48 to 59.99 rubles per liter. In St. Petersburg, AI-92 gasoline cost from 44.2 to 46.15 rubles, AI-95-from 48 to 50.45 rubles, AI-98-from 57.6 to 59.9 rubles per liter.