Glavgosexpertiza approved the reconstruction of the berths of the Vostochny port

AK&M 28 January 2022 19:00

The Glavgosexpertiza of Russia approved the reconstruction of the berths of the Vostochny port in the Primorsky Territory. The reconstruction (extension) of berth 51 and the construction of a pier with berths 52, 52A in the Vostochny port are planned. The length of the introduced berthing front will be 697.5 m. The estimated throughput, taking into account the cargo turnover of the existing berth 51, is 21.8 million tons per year. The upgraded infrastructure of the port will allow servicing 337 ship calls per year. This is stated in the message of the department.

On the projected site of the terminal, it is planned to place stationary conveyor belts with drive stations, as well as under-machine ways of ship loading machines and other objects and structures.

Construction of a new port on the shore of Wrangel Bay in Nakhodka Bay began in 1970. The idea of its creation was first proposed during the third meeting of the Soviet-Japanese Economic Council, established in 1966. Today Vostochny Port is Russia's largest specialized terminal with high-tech coal transshipment. The ice-free harbor and deep fairway, reaching 22 m, allow large-tonnage vessels of the capsize type with a deadweight of 180 thousand tons to enter the port.