Glavgosexpertiza approved the reconstruction of the main structure of the main canal "Yuzbash"

AK&M 02 December 2021 19:58

Glavgosexpertiza of Russia approved the reconstruction of the main structure of the main canal "Yuzbash" with structures and collectors of the Yuzbash-Sulak irrigation system. This is stated in the message of the department.

It is planned to work on a 49 km long trunk canal with a capacity of 32.5 m3 per second. As part of the work, it is planned to carry out the reconstruction of the channels "Yuzbash" and "Kadyrotarsky", namely, the head node of the retaining and regulating structures, blocking structures and water outlets on the Yuzbash canal, the aqueduct through the Aksai-Aktash discharge tract, including the catastrophic discharge node in front of it, blocking structures and tubular crossings on the Kadyrotarsky canal, as well as other buildings and structures of the Yuzbash-Sulak irrigation system.

In order to protect against water erosion, flooding and flooding of 15 thousand hectares of land, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and construction of reclamation systems of state property of the Russian Federation are being carried out within the framework of the state program for the development of agriculture and regulation of agricultural products, raw materials and food markets.

The Yuzbash-Sulak irrigation system is located in the Kizilyurt, Khasavyurt and Babayurt districts of the Republic of Dagestan and belongs to the left-bank irrigation systems of the Sulak River basin.