Inflation in December 2021 compared to the previous month was 0.82%

AK&M 12 January 2022 20:00

Inflation in December 2021 compared to the previous month was 0.82%, compared to December 2020 - 8.39%. This was reported by Rosstat.

An increase in consumer prices by 0.9% or more was recorded in 41 subjects of the Russian Federation. To the greatest extent (by 1.4%) – in the Komi Republic due to the rise in price of food by 2.4%. The minimum increase in consumer prices was noted in the Tyumen region (except for autonomous districts) - by 0.1%. In Moscow, prices for the month increased by 0.9%, in St. Petersburg - by 1.3% (since the beginning of the year – the price increase was 7.1% and 8.7%, respectively).

In December, chicken eggs on average in Russia rose in price by 3.9%. Prices for fruit and vegetable products increased by 3.6% on average. Sugar on average in Russia rose by 2.1%. Prices for sunflower oil on average in Russia increased by 0.9%. At the same time, on average in Russia, prices for chicken meat decreased by 1%.

Medicines that are not related to vital and essential medicines (VED) have become more expensive by 0.7%. Prices for medicines related to VED decreased by 0.1%.

In addition, the prices of diesel fuel increased by 1.9%, automobile gasoline – by 0.9%. At the same time, prices for gas motor fuel decreased by 5.4%.

Prices for construction materials increased by 0.2% on average.

In December, travel in various types of cars on long-distance trains became more expensive by 13.7-18.8%, economy class air travel - by 14.6%, taxi travel - by 1.8%, city bus, minibus - by 0.9%, intercity bus - by 0.8%, tram - by 0.3%, trolleybus - by 0.2%. Car rental has risen in price by 0.7%.

Among tourism and recreation services, the cost has increased: accommodation in 3* hotels - by 4.9%, cinema tickets - by 4.3%, museums and exhibitions - by 2.1%, sightseeing tours in Russia - by 1.3%, vouchers to rest homes, boarding houses - by 1.2%, accommodation in hostels - by 0.7%, theater tickets - by 0.5%. At the same time, the cost of a trip (with a reservation for a month) on vacation to Turkey decreased by 36.4%, in the UAE – by 11.1%. Accommodation in 1*, 2* hotels and motels has become cheaper by 0.3-1.4%.

At the same time, the bank's commission for transferring funds from card to card to a client of another bank in Russia decreased by 0.5%, the annual cost of a voluntary housing insurance policy against standard risks and compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners (CTP) - by 0.1%.