Inflation in Russia since the beginning of the year was 11.16%

AK&M 03 August 2022 20:00

Inflation in Russia has been 11.16% since the beginning of the year. This was reported by Rosstat.

Along with this, for the period from July 23 to August 1, 2022, prices decreased: for chicken eggs – by 1.1%, table salt – by 0.9%, millet – by 0.8%, buckwheat groats – by 0.6%, boiled sausages, sunflower oil – by 0.4%, sausages, sausages, canned food vegetables for baby food, vermicelli – 0.3%, pork, butter, sterilized milk, canned fruit and berry for baby food, pasta – 0.2%, chicken meat, milk powder mixtures for baby food, rye bread – 0.1%.

Chicken eggs in 60 subjects of the Russian Federation fell in price by 0.1-4.7%. The prices of table salt in 33 subjects of the Russian Federation decreased by 0.1-6.3%, in 34 subjects the prices of table salt increased by 0.1-4.5%.

The decrease in prices for fruit and vegetable products averaged 3.9%. Potato prices in 61 constituent entities of the Russian Federation decreased by 0.3-10. Beets in 52 regions of the Russian Federation have fallen in price by 0.2-10%. Carrots in 68 regions of the Russian Federation have become cheaper by 0.1-10%.

Prices for chipboard, oriented chipboard decreased by 1.3%, edged boards - by 1.1%, televisions – by 1%, electric vacuum cleaners – by 0.6%, T-shirts for children – by 0.3%, sneakers for children – by 0.1%.

The prices of automobile gasoline and diesel fuel have not changed much. The cost of flying in the economy class cabin of the aircraft increased by 2.6%. On average, trolleybus fares in Russia increased by 1%, tram – by 0.6%, city bus – by 0.4%, metro – by 0.2%.

The payment for housing in the houses of the state and municipal housing funds increased by 0.4%. Tariffs for sanitation, cold and hot water supply increased by 0.1% on average.

The average cost of vouchers to holiday homes and boarding houses decreased by 0.2%, in sanatoriums – by 0.1%.