Lenta to undergo rebranding

AK&M 02 June 2021 23:40

Lenta has announced a new logo and a rebranding. The company has adapted all the information and communication materials inside its stores to the new visual identity.

The next step is to update the company's online assets (websites, applications). The signage will be replaced in accordance with the approved deadlines so as to optimize operating expenses.

Lenta is the largest hypermarket chain and the fourth largest retail chain in Russia. Founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg, Lenta managed 255 hypermarkets and 139 supermarkets with a total retail shopping floorspace of more than 1.5 million sqm in 89 cities of Russia at the end of 2020.

The average Lenta hypermarket has a shopping floorspace of about 5,500 sqm, the average supermarket area is 800 square meters. The company has 13 distribution centers throughout Russia.