Metalloinvest, Gazprom, Tatenergo and MMK have achieved great success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

AK&M 02 October 2023 15:20

The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions attributable to the companies participating in the rating amounted to 684 million tons of CO2 equivalent, which is about 30% of all gases emitted (Rosstat data for 2020). For the year, the reduction in total emissions was 2.4%.

Metalloinvest (42% decrease), Gazprom (-12.2%), Tatenergo (-8.1%) and MMK (-7.2%) achieved the greatest success among large industrial companies in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Metalloinvest's achievements in increasing carbon neutrality are associated with the introduction of advanced technologies and optimization of the structure of its production assets.

Gazprom has reduced emissions mainly by reducing the loss of methane during transportation. The targeted climate protection policy has shown good results not only for the parent company, but also for subsidiaries. Gazprom Energoholding reduced direct emissions by 4%, Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat – by 3.7%.

MMK systematically seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency and modernizing production processes.


AK&M rating Agency has presented the third carbon footprint rating of the largest Russian companies.

The evaluation list included 42 companies with the best practices of sustainable development. The rating includes companies that claim to follow the principles of sustainable development and disclose ESG information in their reports.


The full results of the rating can be found on the website of the AK&M Rating Agency HERE

The carbon footprint rating has been published by the AK&M Rating Agency since 2021.

The calculation methodology can be found on the website of the AK&M Rating Agency HERE