Moscow Exchange starts trading mini-futures on the RTS Index

AK&M 22 July 2021 12:27

The Moscow Exchange starts trading a mini-futures on the RTS Index with a 10-fold reduced nominal volume of the contract compared to the classic futures on the RTS Index. This is stated in the message of the exchange.

The basic asset of the new contract is the RTS Index calculated by the Moscow Exchange. The contract price is indicated in points. The price step is 0.5 points, its value is calculated in Russian rubles and is $0.1. Thus, the nominal volume of the contact and the amount of funds blocked under the guarantee will be 10 times less than for the RTS Index futures.

Trading in futures on the RTS Index began in 2005. It is the second most popular contract on the futures market of the Moscow Exchange and is among the top 15 most traded index contracts in the world (according to the Futures Industry Association – FIA). On the futures market of the Moscow Exchange, a mini-futures for the Mosbirzhi Index is also traded, the nominal value of which is 10 times less than that of the main futures. Since its launch in 2015, the share of the mini-contract in the volume of futures trading on the Moscow Exchange Index has averaged 24%.

The Moscow Exchange futures Market is the leading platform for trading derivatives in Russia and Eastern Europe, which combines a developed infrastructure, reliability and guarantees, as well as the most modern technologies for trading futures and options. Today, 80 futures contracts and 47 options on them are traded on the futures market, the basic assets of which are stock indices, stocks, currency pairs, precious and industrial metals, oil, gas and other goods, interest rates.

The average daily trading volume on the Moscow Exchange futures market in 2021 amounted to 605 billion rubles. The number of open accounts is more than 5.4 million.