Motorinvest has launched the first mass production of electric cars in Russia

AK&M 28 September 2022 16:04

The company "Motorinvest" has launched the first Russian mass production of electric cars in the industrial park "Christmas" in the Lipetsk region. This is reported by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The production of electric cars under the Evolute brand includes the assembly of electric vehicles at a full-cycle factory, including welding, painting and assembly. It is planned that in 2022 the plant will produce about 2.4 thousand electric vehicles, by 2030 — more than 150 thousand electric vehicles.

Currently, there are a number of support measures that should make the purchase of electric vehicles attractive and economically profitable for citizens — car loans and car leasing. Car loans imply a 25% discount when buying a domestic electric car. The maximum possible discount when buying an electric car on credit in 2022 may be 35% (925 thousand rubles). As part of the car leasing, the lessee receives a discount of up to 35% on the payment of an advance payment under leasing agreements for domestic wheeled vehicles with electric traction.