PJSC Bank Uralsib among top 10 auto lending banks in 1H20

AK&M 18 September 2020 18:18

In 1H20, Bank Uralsib was among the top 10 leading banks in the car lending market. In the first half of the year, the Bank provided more than 6,700 auto loans for a total amount of RUB 5.85 billion, the bank informed.

Bank Uralsib is actively developing the auto lending business. One of the key growth drivers was the business expansion and broader geographic reach of sales. The product range was expanded, the lending processes improved, the partner car dealerships agency functionality enhanced, resulting in significantly faster car purchases. The growth was also supported by the bank's participation in the government-supported car lending programs "First Car" and "Family Car" and the launch of new promo programs for the premium segment and second-hand cars.

PJSC Bank Uralsib (tax number: 0274062111) established in 1993 is among thirty major banks of the Russian Federation. Until December 2001, the bank was called Republican Investment and Credit Bank Bashcreditbank. In September 2006, it merged with Avtobank-NIKoil, investment and banking group NIKoil, Bryanskiy Narodny Bank and Kuzbassugolbank. Bank Uralsib is the basic asset of the Financial corporation Uralsib. IFRS net profit of Bank Uralsib for 2019 amounted to RUB 12.8 billion.