Prices of manufacturers of manufactured goods in October increased by 0.4%

AK&M 24 November 2021 20:00

Prices of manufacturers of industrial goods, according to preliminary data, in October 2021, compared with September 2021, increased by 0.4%, compared with December 2020 - by 24.1%. This was reported by Rosstat.

In October, compared with September, prices for amber increased by 26.9% in the extraction of minerals supplied to the domestic market, natural diamonds (except technical) – by 17.2%, antimony concentrates - by 14.5%, natural graphite - by 13.3%, coking coal - by 12.4%, unstable gas condensate - by 11.3%. At the same time, prices for iron ore concentrate decreased by 24.4%, blast furnace iron ore agglomerate – by 23.7%, nickel concentrates – by 19.1%, ores and concentrates of other non–ferrous metals not included in other groupings – by 18.2%, silver concentrates – by 15.7%, raw iron ore – by 15%, iron ore pellets (oxidized) - by 12.3%.

In processing industries, prices for coke and certain types of petroleum products have become higher: coke and semi-coke from coal – by 28.7%, other heavy distillates not included in other groupings - by 14.9%, heating oil - by 13.7%, Arctic diesel fuel - by 9.3%.

In the production of textiles, prices for knitted or crocheted fabrics increased by 13.3%, cord fabrics made of high–strength nylon yarn or other polyamide, polyester or viscose yarn - by 13%, artificial knitted fur - by 11.6%.

For three months there has been a decline in prices in metallurgy. In October, prices for cold–rolled sheet rolled from other unalloyed steels, without additional processing, with a width of at least 600 mm of steel are 19.9% lower, for other pipes, with an open seam, riveted or connected in a similar way, with an outer diameter of no more than 406.4 mm, steel – by 18.5%, for hot–rolled steel sheet rolled, without additional processing – by 17%, for electric–welded steel pipes – by 15.5%, for open cold-stamped or flexible profiles from unalloyed steels - by 13.8%, for ferrovanadium - by 12.3%, other welded round pipes with an outer diameter of no more than 406.4 mm, steel - by 11%.