Prices of producers of industrial products in October decreased by 2.5%

AK&M 23 November 2022 20:00

The prices of manufacturers of industrial goods in October 2022 decreased by 2.5% compared to the previous month, from the beginning of the year – by 2%. This is reported by Rosstat.

In October, in the extraction of minerals for supplies to the domestic market, a significant decrease in prices was noted for amber - by 62.5%, natural liquefied and regasified gas - by 23.8%, ores and concentrates of other non-ferrous metals not included in other groupings - by 14.4%, zinc concentrates - by 13.9%, stone granules, crumbs and powder - by 13.7%.

At the same time, prices for antimony concentrates increased by 33.5%, technical diamonds - by 25.6%, natural diamonds (except technical) - by 16%.

In manufacturing industries, a significant decrease in prices was observed for heating oil (minus 30%). Services for the production of individual petroleum products performed by a subcontractor fell in price by 24.6%, automobile gasoline - by 21.3%, stable gas condensate - by 12.5%, marine fuel - by 8.3%.

Prices for Arctic diesel fuel increased by 21.2%, propane and butane liquefied - by 8.6%.

In the production of chemicals and chemical products, prices for phenols decreased by 46.4%, benzenes by 33.7%, butadiene rubbers by 31.2%, ethylene by 26.9%, styrene by 17.8%.